Thursday, September 4, 2008

St.Augustine camping trip!

We went to Anastasis State Park. In St. Augustine beach. We tent camped. It was alot of fun! We went down town St. Augustine and went on the original ghostt tour. That is a one life time event thing. We also went on the beach that night and went crad hurting. If anyone dosent know what that is, it is when you go out looking for crads and see who can find the biggest one. Anabell came with us. And she had never done that before so it was funny seeing her run away when the card ran because the run sideways. There was this one card that did come after Anabell and I. That was really scary because he was mad and he wanted to hut us. But it was a good laugh after it happend. They also had a wadding on at the beach. I have never really seen it before so it was cool!


Jordan Mathews said...

What is that in the 4th picture is it a crab or something it is fascinating. Plus Tori I finally found your blog homepage.

Jennifer Knight said...

OK Girl you are gonna get it for not telling me about your blog! :-) Now I found you and you can't get away...but you can check out my blog too. It's great to see you still having tons of fun wherever you go.