Tuesday, November 25, 2008

News for November.! 2008

Hello Family and Friends! We are wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We will be having our dinner at my mom's house here in Florida with our Florida family!

We finally had Tori's 18th birthday party! We camped out in a tent at Kelly Park. Tori invited the family of course and Sarah and Abe Bendoski friends from church and the Brooks family from our old ward in Eustis. The weather was perfect and we had a great time! See pictures that Tori has posted.

Lonnie and I chaparoned a church youth dance with Tori in October. Bryce stayed home as he is not 14 yet! While we were away about 10:15 PM we got a call from Bryce saying that there was a guy driving away with Tori's car. Of course we called 911 and made the report. I asked the police officer if cars get brought back by those that steal them. He looked at me with that look of lady you are living in fantasy land. But, we started praying that the boy that took the car would drive it with care and not damage it and that when he was finished with it he would bring it back home. The next day was Sunday, and as we were leaving for church Russ who is our next door neighbor stopped us and said that he thought he saw our car up in the office parking lot. Our prayers were answered. We were late for church that Sunday but we got the car back and there appeared to be no damage, nothing was taken from the car and only about 1/4 of a tank of gas was used. We felt very blessed! The only bad thing is that he still has the keys so we had to buy a Claw to keep him from taking the car again!

Tori has also included pictures from our Halloween trunk or treat night we had at church and a mud walk that they went on the following day.

I was called as the girls camp coordiantor for our ward! We had a pre camp for all the Liahoha's. We camped out on the Fischers property which is beautiful! The food was great but the weather was less than perfect that Friday evening and night as it rained all night on us. The girls all slept under Bro. Smiths canopy and the ground became saturated like a lake! Tori slept or should I say laid in a pool of cool water for most of the night! All in all it was a good experience and it made her thankful for her warm, soft, dry bed at home! The following day was beautiful and the girls were able to swim and canoe in the canal after they did their service project of course!

Happy Birthday CASEY! She was 23 on the 21st of November! We had her a little family birthday party at Patti and Dan's house!

Now if I may_ I would like to be thankful for a moment with you_ Life is a very good teacher and if we will slow down and enjoy the moments we might just learn a few things_ like prayer changes things and God hears everyone! Simple is better! Cherish the small stuff and don't sweat over the big stuff ask yourself this question: Will it make a difference in the eternities? If the answer is no then it doesn't really matter that much! I love buttercups! They are so beautiful in the spring but they don't last very long - the best things in life seldom do! So for this Thanksgiving give of yourself to someone else by telling them how much you appreciate them and while I have your attention let me just tell you how much you have blessed my life with your friendship and I just want to tell you "Thank you for making me so happy!"


Jordan Mathews said...

That must have been so scary to figure out that Tori's car was stoplen but thank goodness you did find it cause if I was Tori I would have been balling my eyes out! We miss you guys and wish to see you soon!

Jordan Mathews said...

I meant to say "stolen"

Mary said...

Happy Belated Birthday Tori! Wow, you are the BIG 18 adult now.

Looks like you guys are having a terrific time and enjoying your new ward.

Debbie, you will be a great camp director. I miss you guys a lot.

Happy Thanksgivig to you and your family, too.

Real Basic Real Organic said...

Looks like you're having fun in your new ward! We miss you lots!

Love, Nellie